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About Us

Bulk Transport Equipment (BTE) has gained rapid acceptance in the marketplace and a solid reputation for producing top quality equipment. At BTE we have extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities which utilise as much advanced technology which we can implement into our processes.

Our relentless focus on innovative design and quality workmanship ensures that our customers are proud to be part of the BTE team.

When you contact BTE you will ultimately be dealing directly with one of the 3 company directors who will ensure that your enquiry is dealt with efficiently and promptly.

BTE are also the Victorian/ Tasmanian distributors for Succi Hookloaders and represent Dutch Company VSE (Vehicle Systems Engineering) as the Australian Service agent. Take a look at our extensive range of products and services and if you need to discuss anything please do not hesitate to call us.

Our dedicated team

Alan Griffiths

Managing Director

Alan Griffiths

Managing Director

Alan Griffiths

Managing Director

Customer Review

"With a gross combination mass (GCM) of 57.5 tonnes, the new unis is mainly used for the longer hauls to the east of Melbourne and north-eastern Victoria, bringing around 900 tonnes of quarry products back to our yard representing a 30 per cent increase in carrying capacity"

Ash Cook - Managing Director, SouthPoint Garden Supplies


- 2018 HVIA National Product Innovation Award for the Steerable Semi Agitator

- 2018 Excellence Award from SAF-Holland Group for Axle/Suspension sales

- 2014 Australian Transport & Logistics Equipment Innovation Award

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